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This is a custom-tailored plan to increase the profitability of your restaurant through your printed menu. My team of trained menu experts and I will help you implement The 10 Pillars of a Profitable Menu:

  • Determine Menu Categories: Create an outline of each section on the menu. Group similar items to make it easier for the customer to navigate.

  • Emphasize for Profit: Highlight the menu items you want to sell the most. These are dishes that are most popular with customers and highly profitable.

  • Label to Sell: A study published in 2019 found that the way a menu item is named can trigger the buying decision for that specific dish by 45%.

  • Feed the Imagination: The way a dish is described on your menu can have a significant impact on its sales.

  • Downplay Pricing: taking the emphasis away from the price can lead to amore positive interaction with the menu.

  • Use Enticing Images: Including visual elements on the menu can help make the design more engaging to the customer.

  • Font Selection: Choosing the right fonts is important because it can impact the readability and overall aesthetic of the menu.

  • Color Contrast: Using proper color contrast on the menu improves legibility and can create visual interest to draw attention to particular elements on the page.

  • Cross-Sell & Menu Modifiers: Upselling techniques are an effective way to increase revenue by encouraging customers to purchase additional items alongside their initial order.

  • Brand Consistency: Design should be used to reinforce the style of the restaurant and strengthen the brand as a whole.


Dedicated Menu Specialists

The process we've developed is a culmination of over a decade of managing menus and in-store promotions for hundreds of restaurants. Much like a chef follows a recipe to repeatedly serve a delicious meal at their restaurant, we've perfected the system for optimizing your menu called The Ten Pillars of a Profitable Menu.

Our dedicated creative team is trained in designing for the hospitality industry, combined with a state-of-the-art print facility and a passion for menu architecture, are the ingredients for our own hand-crafted recipe known as the Ultimate Menu Management System.

A Specific Blueprint For YOUR Restaurant and YOUR Menu!

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